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Training & Concealed Carry

Louisiana Concealed Handgun Carry Course Description

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  • Precision offers both initial and renewal classes that satisfy the requirements for the Louisiana concealed carry handgun permit (CCH)
  • At present the course is offered each Saturday that is not a holiday weekend from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. State law requires a minimum of 9 ½ hours of instruction
  • For the student’s convenience the Precision’s CCH course includes course materials, range time, targets, passport style photos & the Public Notary work required on your application
  • Advance registration, made in person, is required to obtain a class slot
Defensive Handgun Training

We offer individual or small group instruction, beginning where the CCH permit leaves off. Some of the topics included are low light, alternate positions, malfunction clearance, multiple targets and other topics based on the students needs.

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Staff Qualifications:

National Rifle Association certified instructors and also approved by the Louisiana State Police as Concealed Handgun Carry instructors.

Concealed Handgun Reciprocity Map

Pursuant to R.S. 40:1379.3(T)(1) a valid permit in another state is valid in Louisiana if the issuing state honors concealed handgun permits issued by Louisiana.

Permit holders are reminded that while carrying a concealed handgun in another state they are bound by that state’s laws governing concealed carry and permittees from other reciprocal states are bound by Louisiana concealed carry laws while in Louisiana.

Permit Map